Imagen que contiene interior, refrigerador, computadora, computer Descripción generada automáticamente

In October 2022, the AIDEAS project was successfully launched with the intention of developing artificial intelligence technologies to support the entire life cycle (design, manufacture, use, and repair/reuse/recycling) of industrial equipment as a strategic tool to improve the sustainability, agility, and resilience of machinery manufacturing companies. This ambitious R&D initiative is granted with 6 million […]

Digital Manufacturing Industry and Technology Conference

AIDEAS is collaborating on the Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit (DMIS) to be held April 25-27, 2023 in Valencia, Spain. DMIS, the European Digital Manufacturing Industry and Technology Conference, will bring together experts from different fields, from industry, manufacturers and technology developers to researchers, academics and policy makers, in a cross-disciplinary forum for discussion, cooperation and […]