Synergies - AI4SAM Cluster

The AIDEAS, Circular TwAIn, and s-X-AIPI projects have joined forces to form the AI4SAM cluster. The 3 research projects have received funding under the Horizon Europe Programme and share a common focus on using artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformational tool to support circular production in the manufacturing and process industries.

s-X-AIPI project

Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation

s-X-AIPI is a three-year Horizon Europe-funded project which aims to research, develop, test and experiment with an innovative toolset of custom trustworthy self-X AI technologies for the transformation of the European process industry. The explored solutions will see the formulation of a novel architecture, data pipeline and realistic datasets derived from four real-world demo cases. These will combine with an autonomic manager based on the MAPE-K model (continuous Monitoring-Analyzing-Planning-Execution flow based on the Knowledge of the AI system under control) for the development of self-improving AI systems.

The end goal of these applications is to optimize human involvement in the creation and maintenance loop of AI applications for industrial usage, while exhibiting self-improving abilities. With a far-reaching impact on the European process industry, the project aims to decrease GHG emissions, reduce waste and lessen the amount of resources used while also accelerating the process industry and manufacturing sectors’ digital transition. The endeavour will cover a representative range of four demo industrial cases, which include dedicated use cases in steel, aluminum and asphalt processing, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Circular TwAIn

AI Platform for Integrated Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing

This Horizon Europe project researches, develops, validates, and exploits a novel AI platform for circular manufacturing value chains, which aims to increase the performance, resilience and sustainability of direct manufacturing and process industries.

Based on the use of trustworthy AI techniques, Circular TwAIn enables human-centric sustainable manufacturing, fostering the transition towards Industry 5.0 as well as the integration and combination of different data from various sources, with the intent to exploit the advantages of seamless data sharing within trusted and effective manufacturing data spaces, over the entire product life cycle considering sustainability aspects.


This topic focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformation tool to support circular production in the manufacturing and process industries. It addresses the entire lifecycle of products and services, from design to remanufacturing, and includes aspects relevant to industrial production. The objective is to improve sustainability, agility, and resilience to external and internal influences, while taking into account the European Green Deal objectives.

The projects aim to provide AI tool sets with simplified interfaces that require only easy-to-acquire skills, and that can be adapted to manufacturing environments without highly skilled personnel. The topic will integrate new or existing technologies to make them practically and economically viable in the industrial world. This will be demonstrated through at least two realistic use cases with demonstrable economic return. Overall, this topic presents an opportunity to leverage the potential of AI to improve the sustainability and efficiency of industrial production.