The AIDEAS Project has also been present at the 24th Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE 2023), held in Valencia in Universitat Politècnica de València between September 27th and 29th, through the presentation made by Beatriz Andrés from CIGIP-UPV.

The PRO-VE 2023 conference analyzed and discussed the contribution of collaborative networks to two important challenges: how to find a balanced approach between automation and human/society involvement to contribute to well-being, and how to design and manage collaborative ecosystems that withstand and overcome sequences of attacks/disruptions through advanced forms of transformative resilience and, even, anti-fragility.

In this context, Beatriz Andrés presented the paper “Artificial Intelligence to support collaboration in the industrial equipment life cycle”, also authored by Miguel Ángel Mateo-Casalí, Juan Pablo Fiesco and Raúl Poler. The industrial equipment industry involves complex multidisciplinary collaboration with suppliers and customers throughout many phases of the machinery lifecycle, such as design, manufacturing, use, and end-of-life. This paper conceptualizes a set of AI-based digital solutions within the scope of the European AIDEAS project and, with a case study of an industrial equipment company, Beatriz illustrated how these AI solutions can be used to support supply chain collaboration throughout machinery lifecycles.