In a landmark event, the AIDEAS Project consortium recently convened for its third plenary meeting at the prestigious ITI – Instituto Tecnológico de Informática. Partners from across the European landscape converged to explore the expansive potential of artificial intelligence (#AI) in revolutionizing the life cycle of industrial machinery and equipment.

The meeting was characterized by its intensity and remarkable productivity, underscoring the commitment of AIDEAS to achieving the goals of this ambitious European initiative. Key focal points of discussion during this gathering included the ongoing development of groundbreaking solutions and the commendable progress of the project’s pilots.

The AIDEAS Project stands as a pioneering force in the integration of AI technologies, striving to support the complete life cycle of industrial equipment. From the inception of designs to the stages of manufacturing, usage, and the crucial aspects of repair, reuse, and recycling, AIDEAS represents a strategic instrument for enhancing the sustainability, agility, and resilience of European machinery manufacturing companies.

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