Project Description

AIDEAS Project will develop AI technologies for supporting the entire life cycle of industrial equipment (design, manufacturing, use and repair/reuse/recycle) as a strategic instrument to improve sustainability, agility and resilience of the European machinery manufacturing companies.

  • Design: AI technologies, integrated with CAD/CAM/CAE systems, for optimising the design of industrial equipment structural components, mechanisms and control components.
  • Manufacturing: AI technologies for industrial equipment purchased components selection and procurement, manufactured parts processes optimisation, operations sequencing, quality control and customisation.
  • Use: AI technologies with added value for the industrial equipment user, providing enhanced support for installation and initial calibration, production, quality assurance and predictive maintenance for working in optimal conditions.
  • Repair-Reuse-Recycle: AI technologies for extending the useful life of machines through prescriptive maintenance (Repair), facilitating a second life for machines

What AIDEAS is

AIDEAS Project will create 4 AIDEAS Suites and 1 AIDEAS Machine Passport as Key Exploitable Results:

The 4 AIDEAS Suites are composed by 15 AIDEAS Solutions, which aim to improve a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked with the AIDEAS specific objectives. 


Main mechanisms for maximising the impact of the project on a long-term basis are a solid exploitation plan, supported by the awareness-raising communication and dissemination activities. The AIDEAS exploitation strategy ensures that the consortium adopts and implements an effective and realistic business strategy, supported by competitive business models, market research, and competitors’ analysis.