Tampere University (TAU, Tampereen korkeakoulusaatio sr) is Finland’s second-largest university with over 21.500 students and 4000 staff members. Tampere University is a multidisciplinary, foundation-based University conducting scientific research in technology, health and society providing the highest education within these fields. University’s seven faculties award annually over 4000 degrees. In 2021 Tampere University was the university […]


IKERLAN is a leading knowledge transfer technological centre providing competitive value to companies. It seeks for excellence in R&D&i, thanks to the continuous adaptation to the needs of its customers and the proximity with the business reality. Faithful to its mission, IKERLAN has been working daily since 1974 to develop solutions that allow its customers […]


  The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is currently considered one of the leading universities in Spain, being the single Science and Technology University in Spain to feature in all worlds’ university rankings.​ Its community is currently made up of around 28.000 students, 2.500 teaching staff and researchers and 1.500 administration and service professionals, spread across […]

AIDEAS Disassembler

AI based toolkit for modelling the disassembly/recycle processes to help streamline the infrastructure needed to circulate materials focusing around the ability for AI algorithms to recognise and identify objects using cameras and other sensors.


Toolkit that combines AI and Life Cycle methodologies (LCC, LCA, S-LCA) for identifying the best machine end-of-life by devising a multi-objective optimisation strategy to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental benefits.

AIDEAS Smart Retrofitter

Toolkit for smart retrofitting old machine tools to give them a second life by improving working conditions and product quality, developing a communication system and collaboration, enhancing productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and agility.

AIDEAS Prescriptive Maintenance

Toolkit for predicting remaining useful life and identifying maintenance requirements with the target of extending the overall machine remaining life.

AIDEAS Adaptive Controller

Toolkit to train models with measurement data and then train machine controllers with said models to accommodate the machine condition and requirements.

AIDEAS Anomaly Detector

Toolkit that will allow detecting anomalies at component-level or of the machine as a whole when it is in working conditions in the factory where it is being used.