Multiscan Technologies – AI for Inspection Machines

Multiscan Technologies is a company located in Cocentaina (Alicante, Spain) that develops and manufactures artificial vision equipment for the sorting of fresh fruit and vegetables and the inspection of food products. With more than 20 years of experience and a presence throughout the international market, we propose unique solutions for the agri-food market by combining […]

BBM Maschinenbau – AI for Blow Moulding Machines

BBM Maschinenbau is a German SME mechanical engineering company, specialised in the designing and manufacturing of extrusion blow moulding machines (EBM) for the plastics industry. EBMs are used for producing all kinds of hollow plastic parts like bottles, canisters, drums, special technical parts, water tanks or even small boats. Since it was founded in 1998, […]

D2 Technology – AI for Cutting Machines

D2 Technology is a leading European stone technology company whose main focus is to develop new equipment that helps improve the performance and quality of companies in the sector. The range of equipment is divided into two categories: Production and Environment. The Production Department includes CNC’s, Centre machines, Waterjets, Saw Jets, or Edge Polishing machines, […]

PAMA SpA – AI for Machining Centres

  PAMA S.p.A. has been in the machine tool market for more than 90 years and has a wealth of experience and enviable know-how in boring machines and milling centers. It operates globally: its main markets are Asia, the Americas, Europe and Italy, all of which are extensively backed by a network of sales and […]