BBM Maschinenbau is a German SME mechanical engineering company, specialised in the designing and manufacturing of extrusion blow moulding machines (EBM) for the plastics industry. EBMs are used for producing all kinds of hollow plastic parts like bottles, canisters, drums, special technical parts, water tanks or even small boats. Since it was founded in 1998, BBM has taken a leading role in technical innovations like replacing hydraulics by electrical components in its machines. Until today, the product portfolio has expanded by the usage of technically advanced and scientifically optimised extruders and extrusion heads. Since the plastics industry is paying more and more attention to ecological and sustainable aspects, BBM is also taking part in finding new and better technologies to support the circular economy by extensive usage of recycled plastics for waste reduction.

After AIDEAS: BBM will use AI technologies developed in AIDEAS to enhance the agility, sustainability and resilience of EBMs through their entire life cycle. In addition, the AIDEAS Machine Passport provides an important database for the optimisation of all life stages of an EBM.