Multiscan Technologies is a company located in Cocentaina (Alicante, Spain) that develops and manufactures artificial vision equipment for the sorting of fresh fruit and vegetables and the inspection of food products. With more than 20 years of experience and a presence throughout the international market, we propose unique solutions for the agri-food market by combining technologies related to machine vision and X-rays. Our solutions have a differential value because they analyze, through different techniques, the entirety of each product. Our team is composed of more than 80 people in three different locations: the headquarters located in Spain, and two subsidiaries in North and South America for sale and service those markets. Our value proposition is based on four key concepts: Customer, Innovation, Global Reach, and Sustainability.   


At Multiscan we are involved in the complete life cycle of the equipment in our portfolio, as we design, develop, sell, and give service to our customers, therefore we have applications for all Suites and many solutions offered by AIDEAS. The use of state-of-the-art AI tools in all our processes will permit us to be even more efficient and flexible to cope with our customer requirements, by reducing bottlenecks and optimizing our processes in a way we cannot handle now.


At the design stage, AIDEAS will help us make design decisions based on data and physical models so our product would be more cost-effective or need less maintenance interfacing directly with our CAD toolkit. At the manufacturing level, the AIDEAS toolkit will definitely help us to optimize the inventory and purchase of materials and components that are required to build a machine to meet customer deadlines and, additionally, optimize the assembling steps of the different machines depending on the workload or lots of product being manufactured, under the changing conditions that we usually have to deal with. Regarding the use stage, the AIDEAS suite will help us to always keep our sorters above the quality required by our customers, by keeping them properly calibrated and detecting condition changes or anomalies in the shorter possible time to reduce downtimes and avoid pricey resorting or recalibration processes. And last, but not least, the R3 suite (repair/reuse/recycle) toolkit will help us extend the life of our machinery, and when they reach their end, the toolkit will help us to retrofit them and relocate them to another market with different requirements, reducing our carbon footprint by reutilizing materials as much as possible.