XLAB (website) is a global IT solution company focused on remote desktop technology (ISL Online), automation and management of hybrid infrastructure (XLAB Steampunk), and Artificial Intelligence (XLAB AI), building on breakthroughs of its own research team. Since 2001, and in a team of 100+, XLAB has become recognized as a highly professional technology innovator, betting on the power of open source, partnership way, and teamwork.

XLAB products satisfy complex needs of millions of professionals and leading enterprises across diverse range of industries. ISL Online allows users to instantly access and control any computer or mobile device to provide ad hoc technical support or manage systems remotely. Steampunk Spotter, an assisted automation writing tool developed by XLAB Steampunk specialists, analyzes and
enhances Ansible Playbooks to help users on their journey to secure and reliable automation. Gaea+ is a customizable 3D visualization solution, awarded by NASA. MedicView 3D dental and radiology imaging solutions are used by medical specialists worldwide.

Long track involvement in EU research and innovation programmes places XLAB among Top 50 SMEs in terms of Horizon 2020 signed grants and at the 1st place among SMEs in Slovenia. XLAB Research was established in 2003 for the purpose of both basic and applied research, development of complex software, knowledge dissemination and technology transfer to other XLAB departments and products. It has become one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. Substantial contribution to 50 EU research projects earned XLAB a prestige responsibility of coordinating two of them – XLAB was the first Slovenian coordinator of a Horizon 2020 project. Working hand in hand with many research institutions, universities and research departments around the world, XLAB is renowned for leading projects throughout all development phases.

XLAB’s AI Team will be contributing to AIDEAS by developing state-of-the-art computer vision
solutions for quality assurance.