AIDEAS is collaborating on the Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit (DMIS) to be held April 25-27, 2023 in Valencia, Spain.

DMIS, the European Digital Manufacturing Industry and Technology Conference, will bring together experts from different fields, from industry, manufacturers and technology developers to researchers, academics and policy makers, in a cross-disciplinary forum for discussion, cooperation and networking. This event, organized in collaboration with the ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform project and other sponsors, will feature a wide range of presentations and relevant topics on digital manufacturing, providing unique opportunities for cooperation and networking.

The EU is known as a world leader in the production of high quality products and as the largest exporter of manufactured goods. Manufacturing is central to the European economy, driving efficiency, sustainability and resilience, providing jobs and fostering innovation. It is therefore important for Europe to support and preserve its manufacturing industry, while enabling it to take advantage of new concepts, innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

The key concepts shaping the European manufacturing landscape are Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 and “Made in Europe”. But what do they mean in practice and how are these concepts shaping the present and future of manufacturing? The aim is to unlock industrial Big Data, move from Industry 4.0 to 5.0 and work towards a greener, human-centered and efficient industry. Although there are doubts about the digital quality and ethical expectations of AI in this context. In addition, questions such as what role will cross-border manufacturing data spaces play? How important will enabling technologies such as digital platforms, blockchain technologies and collaborative robots be? Where will digital twins stand in the transition to greener, human-centered manufacturing?

So DMIS is a unique event that will bring together experts from different fields to discuss and explore the future of digital manufacturing in Europe and resonate these and many other questions. Through highly relevant keynotes and topics, the event will provide attendees with opportunities for cooperation and networking, which will contribute to keeping Europe at the forefront of manufacturing high quality products.

Registration is free at: where progressively you can find details of the keynotes, themes, presentations, exhibitors, social opportunities, and venue.