DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide. As a partner for industry, research and society as a whole, DIN plays a major role to supporting the marketability of innovative solutions through standardization – be it in topics around the digitization of business and society or in the context of research projects.

More than 36,500 experts from industry, research, consumer protection and the public sector bring their expertise to work on standardization projects managed by DIN. The results of these efforts are market-oriented standards and specifications that promote global trade, encouraging rationalization, quality assurance and environmental protection as well as improving security and communication.

Companies can use standardization as an effective strategic instrument. For example, standards can be used at an early stage of development to prepare the market for a new product. In AIDEAS, DIN assists the partners to get an overview of existing standards and to analyse the project results. Based on this analysis, DIN will manage the engagement of AIDEAS in standardization.