Sister Projects


This topic focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformation tool to support circular production in the manufacturing and process industries. It addresses the entire lifecycle of products and services, from design to remanufacturing, and includes aspects relevant to industrial production. The objective is to improve sustainability, agility, and resilience to external and internal influences, while taking into account the European Green Deal objectives.

The projects aim to provide AI tool sets with simplified interfaces that require only easy-to-acquire skills, and that can be adapted to manufacturing environments without highly skilled personnel. The topic will integrate new or existing technologies to make them practically and economically viable in the industrial world. This will be demonstrated through at least two realistic use cases with demonstrable economic return. Overall, this topic presents an opportunity to leverage the potential of AI to improve the sustainability and efficiency of industrial production.

s-X-AIPI project

AI applications have the potential to greatly contribute to European integration into the circular manufacturing economy ecosystem by making the process industry’s procedures and products more agile and resilient. The s-X-AIPI project, funded by the EU, aims to develop and demonstrate a suite of tailored, reliable AI technologies in the asphalt, steel, aluminium, and pharmaceutical sectors. The open-source toolset will enable process industries to make operations more agile and improve performance across several indicators. The project will also provide AI-based sustainability tools to help them better design, develop, engineer, operate, and monitor plants, products, and value chains.

Circular TwAIn

The manufacturing industry is moving towards Industry 5.0 for a more sustainable and resilient future, but it faces challenges in adopting sustainable practices due to reduced consumption and scarce resources. AI technologies can help, but integration and utilization are difficult for some companies. The Circular TwAIn project aims to develop an AI platform supported by data sharing within manufacturing data spaces and using digital twin technology to offer stakeholders end-to-end sustainability and adaptability to remain competitive in Industry 5.0.